New year resolutions 2023:BY Personality Psychologists

New year is the best opportunity for everyone,  who want changes in their life. Everyone desires his new year resolution sustain from hours to days. Here you will find best new year resolutions and ways suggested by personality Psychologist to better achieve promises.

new year resolutions

Why we need New year resolutions

Every year come with ocean of opportunities and experience of last year. Some people dislike New resolutions because they had the experience of failure of resolutions or they think they would not last promises through out year.

Many tried and subsequently failed to hold New year resolutions not more than 01 month. But if we want to change our future, we should make promises and these will definitely change our way of living.  For better and fulfilling life , for learning from mistakes we committed in last year , we must take promises.

What is a good New year resolutions?

Common suggestion every one find are Be active and doing workouts, sleep on time, make a routine , save money, remain positive , doing yoga , meditation, remain stress free, drink water , go to adventure activities.

The new year resolution made by most of people is to wake up early. These suggestion related to different people, it is recommended we should make our resolutions 

Sit in a silent place , take a note book and think the blunder mistake we have did in last year and how could you correct them. New year resolutions are individual choice no other can suggest you what you will change in your life and your life will be better. Only an individual knows about his strength and weaknesses.

Why do new year’s resolutions fail?

Lot of people don’t know how to make promises and few  will take new year resolution and failed after a certain time. The question arises in every aspirants mind why my resolutions failed? This question is well answered by personality Psychologist.

Personality Psychologist study emotions, thought, decisions and behavior that define an individual ‘s style of interaction the world. In shorts these specialist conduct researches on individual and analysis their behaviors, decision making etc.

Reasons of failure of new year resolution

No matter list of new year resolution 2020 or new year resolution 2021 or list of upcoming year,there are some factors which contribute for failure. Personality Psychologists argue that resolutions which are taken due to external influences tend to fail at a early stage. Like , when we were child , we judge an act more by its consequences. When a person influenced by other and make promise ,he will definitely can not achieve his goal.

Promises made with intrinsic motivation will continue to remain in force. So ,it is advised by personality Psychologist that we should introspect ourselves before making new year resolutions. Promises which we feel are required must be taken without outside influence.

The second reason is proposed by psychologist is lack of arousal level. Arousal has both physiological and psychological dimensions. Physiological dimensions refers to the level of alertness of a person and psychological dimensions refers to the tension that ranging from calmness to anxiety .

Psychologist Hebb proposed that arousal is an important motivational concept. He was in the view that any person who want to remain motivated must maintain optimum level of arousal. A determined person will always required to maintain arousal level by thinking his promise and resolutions. The resolutions must remain in mind for appropriate behavior .

The third cause changing priorities . At the of making new year resolutions,  person’s first priority is only his/her promises but as soon as time passes his priorities changes over time. He would focused on other aspects of life and forget his promises. A strong and firm commitment is required to upkeep promises. Whenever it is felt that due importance is not given to resolutions, person should analysis his goals and work toward them.

How to achieve new year resolution?

The subject psychology is the scientific study of behavior  and it focuses on many aspects of our life. It influences our behaviorcontinuously.  Psychologist after conducting research proposed theories and causes , which would later used by other researchers in same field.

Psychologist suggest following ways to achieve resolutions

1 Shaping the behavior 

Suppose that you want to teach your dog a trick. For instance to get the mail from the slot in front door. You cannot  wait the dog does this naturally. You should reward dog for this act. When desired behavior is novel ,you have to relate it by taking advantage of natural variations in the animal actions. To train a dog to get the mail, you can give the animal a food each time it appears to the near of door. The closer he proceed frequency of food will increase until dog grab the mail. This technique called shaping.

Shaping is related to all of us . When you take new year resolution like reducing 15 kg weight , study up to 10 hours, wake up early, be generous, positive thinking  etc ,these can’t be achieved in a single day or two. We should move toward them and as nearer as we go , a reward should be there. When we reward ourselves,we get more motivation to do same job again and again. This shaping technique relate desired behavior with goal outcome.

2  Self Praise

Praising  is  like a reward in life. Even when we say good boy to a child , he/she feels good and repeat same act. In real life not every instance of a behavior is rewarded. For example hard work sometimes followed by praise, but often it goes unacknowledged.  Mere praise can sustain many activities without any reward.

When we come to resolution  an individual must appreciate himself or herself for reaching his goals. He should not wait any other will appreciate him . Self praise is like a reward and motivator for a person.

3   Commitment

Self perception theory proposed by researchers proposed that individuals come to know their own attributes , emotions, strength by inferring them from observation of their self behavior . When a person commit something, it will disturb his internal state and force him to do committed act.

If commit act is achieved,  a sense of fulfillment and confidence will evolve. These boost a person’s well being and ultimately person would know about his strengths and weaknesses.

When internal cues are weak individuals depends on others to assess him.

4  Intrinsic Motivation

Motivation is a condition that energizes behavior and give it a direction.  We can force ourselves to forgo what we desire. Whenever a person draws Motivation from a external source ,it will not remain for a longer duration.

Intrinsic motivation comes from inside however extrinsic comes from a external source. It has been found that when we share our commitment and goals to other person , we are less likely to achieve them. Psychologist found that because when we share our goals , we feel a sense of completion and other person reward us by saying good or appetite us. By exposing our goals we loss motivation and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Keep your goals and new year resolution only up to you.  Motivate self to achieve goals. Whenever there is a feeling of less motivation,  sit in a silent place remember your goals and strengths.

5  Set punishment

A child is likely to repeat behavior if a behavior is rewarded. The same applies when a behavior is punished child is less likely to repeat in future.

The same applies to individuals. When you commit new year resolution,  achievement praised or reinforced by rewards and if he could not achieve desired response, he should punish himself. The punishment is not like doing bad stuff but only cut own privileges. Skipping meals, wake up early, fast for one day , leaving favorite sports or TV shows are examples of self punishment.

10 New year resolutions ideas

According to author a student or teenager must take these resolutions

1 Learning every day

Learning can bring permanent changes in behavior. One should learns every day and keeps his outlook positive toward learning. Learning includes anything be cooking ,driving, singing, dancing ,gardening or anything.

2  Mindfulness

Mindfulness means to live in present. A student should live in present and focus to enhance his capabilities and abilities

3    Exercise

Spare time from busy schedules for exercise . Body is the main frame which operating a person. Healthy body can intake millions GB of data inside.

4   Love and respect

The age ones goes ,never come back. Love your study , make good connections with people, friends. Respect elders and we will be respected too.

5   Living life is important

Aims, targets ,desires, money ,fame all these things will active until we are alive. Nothing is more important than life. So, living life is most important and other come next to life. If you want to read more about anxiety do follow this link

6   My time

Spare few minutes only for self. Think where are you going , are you doing write things ,are you following your passion. This time only for you to analyze yourself.

7  See self from different angle

We may only focus on what we are thinking,  what other wishes is remain absent. Try to see yourself from a different angle of other person.

8   Explore New things

Our mind is hungry for information.  Feed mind with information and technology

9 Study books

Books are true friend of a person , remain always with a person. Study books irrespective of fact that they are belong to your subject or not. Make a habit of reading.

10   Develop  patience

Patience is tool which make you happy. When you are in hurry the whole system of body comes in high alert. Show patience and wait everything will be fine after some time.


Every person has potential to do extra ordinary tasks. The only thing make people different is identification. Anyone can set goal and achieve them with his optimum energy and dedication.

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