How to Deal Breakup With Your Girlfriend 7 psychology Trick

Being dumped by your girlfriend is never very pleasant. It can leave you feeling like a second-rate citizen and you could lose your sense of confidence in yourself. However, this does not mean that there is no hope for the future.

breakup with your girlfriend

Why Breakup with your Girlfriend Happens

A popular dating website found that about Sixty-Seven percent of their user reported that they went through a relationship breakup in the last year. Some of the reasons for breakup are listed below :

Frequent Arguments due to personality differences

Infidelity or dishonesty

Excessive Possessiveness

Spending less time together

Mutual respect

Selfish Behavior

Low romantic connection

Communication Gap

How To Deal with Breakup with your Girlfriend

Breakups are hard to deal with and can be a difficult time in anyone’s life. There are many reasons to break up with your girlfriend. But the hardest part of a breakup is learning how to heal after your break with your girlfriend. The good news is that our psychology-based suggestions here are some small things anyone can do to help make the process a little easier.

Tip 1 Avoid Alcohol after Breakup With Your Girlfriend

If you find yourself in the middle of a heart-wrenching breakup, the worst thing you could do is destroy your body with drugs and alcohol. Alcohol will make you aggressive and even more susceptible to thoughts of suicide, which is on the rise among people who are dealing with breakups.


And even if you don’t go that far, any alcohol or drug use will leave you feeling worse down the road. If a person in this situation has no history of addiction, they should avoid using anything at all. Alcohol has adverse effects on the body.

Tip 2 Understand A Breakup Can Happen for Good

Breakup With Your Girlfriend cut deep inside and reshapes parts of you that you never knew existed. Your best bet is to find someone that takes your pain away and then find yourself again.

Some people will tell you breakups can be good for you, in the sense that it teaches you not to take anything in life for granted, even love. Still, while they may have a point, breakups don’t feel very good at the moment.

Life is a long journey and we all should move forward toward our aim. If we stick to one thing or emotion we would not achieve our life target. Breakups are also parts of our life journey. If you are experiencing a breakup write now, and think positive that a good thing is waiting for us.

Tip 3 Critical Thinking When You Think About Her

Regardless of how broken the relationship is, it will cause torment on the two sides. When you recognize that there will be torment, you can be ready for the consequence. When you think about her, use critical thinking.

breakup with girlfriend

For example, if she does something and on the surface, it seems good, but you critically analyze the facts behind it. After a breakup recollects the facts and situation, and put emotions aside.

Tip 4 Control Your Anger

One of the emotions that you might experience when you break up with your girlfriend is anger. Anger leads to carelessness, which can result in retaliation. To stop destructive behaviors like this, it is important to focus on controlling your anger instead of letting it control you.

There are many things that can help you deal with angry outbursts including physical activity, deep breathing, relaxation techniques, and talking to someone you trust. If you want to measure your level of anger check this online anger measure tool.

Tip 5 Accepting the Breakup with your Girlfriend

You must accept the breakup. Take some time to process these sad feelings and be open to having new relationships and don’t automatically think that your partner is the only person you will ever love.

angercontrol in breakup

Sometimes accepting reality itself is a healing process. There is no correct method for expressing feelings, and there is no standard course of events for traveling through the breakup. Acceptrelity gives some time to yourself and makes you ready for the future.

Tip 6 Managing the Breakup With Your Friends

Try not to be too alone and try to rebuild your social life.  You should release emotions in healthy ways such as exercising, going out with friends, etc. Join the company of friends, spending time with family, and watching a movie with friends are really helpful to manage breakups. You should share your present state of mind, and how you are feeling with a close friend.

Tip 7 Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

Generally, we learn from our mistakes and bad experience affect more our personality than good experiences. A rejection can change our future perception and our attitude.

You should get over your ex-girlfriend and start doing activities without her to conquer jealousy. Try to find out the purpose of the breakup and detach emotionally from her. Understand assumptions are always not in line with reality.

The Secret To Cope With Breakup With Your Girlfriend

The pain and sense of loss when your girlfriend breaks up with you is hard to bear. If you hope to be happy in the future, then it’s important that you start healing now. That sounds pretty bad but as time passes, and memories fade, things will get better.

Your first step should be to accept the break-up- this can be a tough and long process but it’s necessary if you want to move on.

The next step is taking care of yourself. Go for walks, go out with friends, or try new hobbies to steer your life in the right direction again.

It might take a while before you’re ready for another relationship, but take comfort in knowing that people who have gone through a difficult breakup have found love again after all.

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