10 Main Differences between Joy and Happiness

diferencesbetween joy and happiness

What is joy? According to the dictionary, Joy is a synonym of great happiness or pleasure. Joy and happiness are sometimes used as combined but actually, there are many differences between joy and happiness. Joy is an emotion and inner feeling which can last longer depending on internal cues of the body. Things and people … Read more

What is Exercise Psychology behind exercise : Beliefs and truth

what is exercise psychology

The human body makes adjustments in response to the physical stress incurred during a single spell of exercise. But What is exercise psychology why our body needs to make many adjustments in a number of physiological and biochemical systems during exercise.  Many questions arise in our minds when we are doing exercise. In this article, I … Read more

4 Tips on how to be happy Misconception to Recognition


The happiness level is declining day by day. What makes us happy? Here you will find 4 tips on how to be happy and this article does not make you happy but it can surely teach you how to become happy and fulfilled. Psychological researchers have suggested the followings ways to become happier. First, we … Read more

New year resolutions 2023:BY Personality Psychologists

New year resolution 2022

New year is the best opportunity for everyone,  who want changes in their life. Everyone desires his new year resolution sustain from hours to days. Here you will find best new year resolutions and ways suggested by personality Psychologist to better achieve promises. Why we need New year resolutions Every year come with ocean of … Read more

What is stress-Stress management & effect 5 solution of stress?

stress management

Definition of stress:  In simple terms stress basically is an experience of events and these events are perceived as endangering ( cause danger ) to one’s psychological or physical well-being.  The events called stressors and people’s reaction to them termed stress responses.  Events include demanding work, excess workload, problems in personal relations, time-bound activities, etc. People’s … Read more


Functions of ody

The human body is a complex network of cells tissues and organs that together make life possible. A human body is a combination of these ten systems. Ten major systems are responsible for the body’s functions. They are 1. Skeletal muscular 2. Cardiovascular 3. Nervous 4. Endocrine 5. Lymphatic 6. Respiratory digestive urinary 7. Reproductive … Read more

Positive Psychology Definition

positive psychology

Positive Psychology can provide us new knowledge and insight about positive emotions, charter strength, good health, healthy relationships, engagement, meaning, and fulfillment.  We human beings always want to experience positive emotions find deeper meaning in life, greater engagement, healthier relationships and future commitments. William James (American philosopher and psychologist) showed interest in optimal human functioning … Read more

Where is the memory stored in the brain: Psychology

memory power

Memory is basically the ability to remember information that has been learned or experienced. The process of memory formation involves the storage of information and then retrieving it when needed. But one question is asked by many where is the memory stored in the brain? The hippocampus is a brain region that is associated with … Read more