Meds for Depression: 7 Natural ways to overcome depression on your own

After my breakup, I was in extreme depression. I can understand what are you feeling now. I want to share the ways that I used to overcome depression. These Natural Depression remedies are real meds for depression that lower my depression symptoms and bring enjoyment and strength to my personality.

What is depression?

Depression is an emotional manifestation. Currently, there is no such test that assesses the mental condition of a person. We just rely on signs and symptoms. Disturbances in mood are a normal thing but when distressing remain for a long time then it may lead to depression.

meds for depression

Every human being is unique in its own kind, two-person subjective feeling is always different. Depression can affect all ages of humans and subjective feelings can vary from person to person. But some symptoms are mostly found in a person diagnosed with depression. 

Feeling of depression: how are you feeling now?

The state of Depression only can understand by a person who actually goes through depression. When I was in depression how I felt those days:

  • No hope is remaining and everything will end soon 
  • The world and society is full of misery 
  • My thoughts are focused inward.
  • No one can understand my pain and my condition 
  • I used to magnify minor pains 
  • Always worry about the future and I found everything dark 
  • I thought I am last, everybody is moving forward to me 
  • Everyone observing me and they are happy that I am sad 
  • I am alone and depression is only affecting me 
  • I am obsolete and on one need me more 
  • No one here to listen to me, I want to speak but no one here to listen to me.

Why meds for depression are hard to effect?

Depression affects all bodily functions and affects four domains of the body.

1     Emotional domain: Sadness, loss of pleasure 

2     Motivational domain: Loss of interest, passivity

3     Cognitive domain: Hopelessness, suicide thoughts, poor concentration, and intellectual blockage

4     Physical domain: Fatigue, change in food desire, exhausted

Now we know the feeling and severity of depression. Thoughts in depression are like waves in the sea, which come irregularly and remain in the sea only that’s why meds for depression work on one symptom another remain untouched. Psychologist  Aaron Beck proposed the cognitive triad in 1976. 

The triad states uncontrollable negative thoughts about oneself, the world, and the future. He proposed that depression develops thoughts distortion and faulty thinking patterns.

If we break this triad we can overcome depression. Now I want to share what I used to break the pattern of negative thoughts and unrealistic thoughts.

Natural meds for depression

1. Self-assessment

Depressed is a self-mood disorder. Humans are the most intelligent species in this world, we are rational thinkers. We can find the reason, find relationships, and outcomes.

Self-assessment and analyzing self are the best meds for depression. For measuring the level of depression check this online depression measure tool

Sit along and simply think:

What had happened?   

What is your fault?

Can you change another person’s mentality, his/her past?

Why I am wasting my beautiful life and time on those events which are out of my control?

2. Join the recreation group 

We are the production of millions of years. We evolve and upgrade from ancient man. Our ancestors lived in groups and modify environments according to needs.

This social identification is rooted in our behavior. Our mental condition improved when we are a part of a group. Social identification help to recover from depression severity.

Find any community group, join that group. We can join any NGO’s, social help group. The details of groups are easily accessible through Google.

3.    I-Walk (abstract medsfor depression)

This term discovered by me, it is a type of walk, in which you are alone sitting in a silent place and analyze a self -actions. We are fighters and we can mold the environment, the only thing we need is direction and determination. Think about your achievements,  hard work,  good time, and push yourself to achieve your future goals.

An injured lion is more dangerous than a fit. Accumulating your energy gives direction and no one can stop you to achieve your goals.

4.   Exercise

Our body is like a machine that includes parts like muscles, bones, nerves, joints, and vessels. These parts are working continuously the whole day and night.

The human body works as per fuel demand, if we exercise body requirement of fuel goes up, and if we live sedimentary lifestyle fuel demand goes down.

When we do exercise our body uses all its resources and give maximum output. Exercise maintains a stable state of all activities going on inside our bodies.

If we are healthy from the inside, we feel more happy and energetic, so exercise can neutralize symptoms of depression by maintaining a healthy balance inside the body. 

5.  Motivational talk

When we are in depression, we are trapped in a sea of negative thoughts. Our second thought again pushes us toward negativism. We need to break this trap by replacing negative with positive.

Motivational talks, short stories, life stories can help us to break this trap and are the best meds for depression. In a day 80,000 thoughts, we encounter so we cannot control our thoughts, we can only replace them with positive ones. Speech, lectures, presentations enlighten us with the positive side of us.

6.    Start a science project

A child remains happy no matter what comes into his/her life because the thought of a child is limited only to specific work. When we become older our range of thoughts increases and messy.

We fail to give priority to work resulting in sadness. When in depression our rational thinking pushes us to go more in-depth about a thought/incident.

If we shift this power toward some productive activities, the pessimistic view shifts to optimistic. We should try a science project that involves us completely in it. This activity shifts our though and we could generate positivity inside us.

7.    Life is not fair

When we put the effort into anything whether it is a relation, work, the education we expect the result. It is inherited in us. When we did not get the desired result we become sad.

This is a natural phenomenon and we cannot change it. In depression, we think this happens only to me. Why me? Question is normal but we all are the same kind and everyone committed mistakes and errors.

Life is not fair we always did not get the desired result so when we think this we press our ‘me’ feeling.

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