How Alcohol process in our body-Journey of alcohol in body

Do you ever think about what happens to our body, after taking alcohol?  

Do you notice drunk people’s behavior?

Why each person has different reactions after taking alcohol?

We had a hangover after alcohol but why?

Many drinkers urinate more after alcohol consumption

Why it affects more to women?

After drinking process 1

After taking alcohol it travels from our mouth to stomach. A single sip of liquid travels through our esophagus (it is a tube connecting the mouth and stomach) to the stomach. Our stomach has a lining to help food easily travel in our digestive system. 

In our stomach approximately 20 percent of alcohol absorbed in the stomach lining and the rest 80 percent goes for further processing. In our body, most of the food break down by the liver, the same in the case of alcohol. It breaks down alcohol into small enzymes. The ability of the liver to metabolize varies due to genetic differences.  

Absorption in blood process 2

Alcohol travels to the small intestine and mixes in blood. Blood is like a postmaster in our body, it continuously travels in the body and supplies nutrition and oxygen to organs i.e brain, heart. Now the real magic happens….

body and alcohol

Effect on consciousness process 3

Our brain is the head of our body, it is the boss of all organs. The brain directs us, controls the function of parts, coordinates our body, allows us to think and feel. In the brain, the basic unit is a specialized cell called a neuron. Approx. 100 billion neurons connected to each other in the brain. 


These connections are like electrical wiring and they are not completely attached to each other. Neuron transmits the signal from one to another via electricity. Although the current between neurons is nearly 60mv it still transmits messages.

Role of Neurons

The neuron is packed with chemicals and this chemical is called a neurotransmitter. When current flows in neurons it pushes neurotransmitter-packed vesicles to release neurotransmitters. 


This process started whenever any input comes in or any output goes, even when we move our arm same process happened.

Effect on neurons

In simple terms alcohol blocks, this communication and our system slow down. Even a simple message cannot reach as fast as it traveled before drink. Brain lost our control from muscles.



Communication slow due to alcohol

This hacking causes us to feel out of control. We are unable to manage our posture.


Words from the author: Excess consumption of alcohol can permanently slow down communication in the brain. Sometimes the short-time effect can not be visible.

Credits: istockphoto

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