The Role of Counsellor in Child Development

Role of the counsellor in the Physical Development of the child

Physical development plays an important role in the development of all aspects of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to pay full attention to it. One of the important aims of education is to develop the child’s welfare.

role of counsellor

The child’s physical growth and development can give full cooperation to the director and counselor in the fulfillment of this objective. In particular, this type of communication can be helpful in the following form:

(i) He may be familiar with physically unusual children. He may also be aware of problems with their mentality and adjustment. In this way, he can help such children in taking proper social and emotional adjustment and education.

(ii) For the proper development of the child, taking care of their physical health and development is also the ultimate goal of the guide and counselor. Being familiar with the process of physical growth and development can help him in this program.

(iii) The child’s needs, needs, desires, angles, and in a way its complete behavior depends on the physical growth and development. From this angle, it can be estimated how a child will behave in any particular class of growth and different stages of development.

For example, physical development in childhood once acquainted helps a lot in understanding their physical, emotional, and social needs. With such knowledge, it can be easier for the guide and counselor to accommodate the child well, solve their problems, and meet their needs.

(iv) By getting acquainted with the general pattern of physical growth and development of the child, the director and counselor can know what to expect from a child at a particular age.

With this knowledge, the director and counselor can help in choosing the school’s extra-curricular activities, timetable, teaching methods, textbooks, supporting materials and suitable reading space, furniture and environment, etc.

In this way, the knowledge of the physical growth and development process can help the director and counselor to a great extent in fulfilling their objective. With this knowledge not only he can adapt his work according to the need of the students but also he can help them to maintain their health. And can also give a lot of support in developing the physical abilities and abilities adequately.

Role of counsellor in Mental development

In fact, Sensation, Perception, Imagination, Remembrance Power, Reasoning Power, Thinking, Inspection, Testing, and Generalization Skills, Intelligence and Language Ability, Problem Solving Ability) and decision-making ability etc.

All types of mental and intellectual powers, abilities, and abilities are governed by our mental growth development and the role of counsellor is to improve them. All these mental powers or abilities are very much related to each other. It is not possible for any of these to grow by themselves affecting others.

Therefore, whenever we talk about the mental development of a child at any level, then we mean the coordinated development of all these abilities, abilities, and students.

The benefits of mental growth and development at various stages and the invaluable information on the changes in mental abilities Ā± abilities with age can be very useful to the director and counselor.

(i) It may help in the selection and planning of courses and concomitant activities and experience at various age levels.

(ii) It also helps the director and the counselor in deciding the method and manner in which teaching aids and teaching aids should be used, and what kind of educational environment should be.

(iii) It may also help in preparing appropriate textbooks keeping in view the mental growth and development of the child at different stages and age groups.

(iv) With the help of this, the director and the counselor understand that for doing a particular type of studies and work, there is a need for some specially developed mental teachers, but those students are able to get those students at the appropriate time. Unnecessary haste and delay, both can be harmful in this situation.

(v) In this way, the directors and counselors through the center can provide full support to their students in the full development of their mental strengths and abilities. That can give them enough training for solutions and creative acting.

The main role of counsellor is to help them in memorizing and doing other tasks based on the expected logic, stamina, and intelligence to try to be successful in a task by cramming without thinking and whining around and around.

Keeping in view their level of mental strength and development can also help them in developing their ability to observe, evaluate, and generalize. In this way, a teacher can keep his/her student well on the path of mental growth and development by taking into account all aspects of mental growth and development and their general and specific changes at different levels.

Carrying can also enable him to use only his mental strength and abilities judiciously and wisely, keeping in mind the benefit of himself and society.

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