What is depression describe in brief 15 characteristic of Depression

As we all know, all days are different and we change day by day. Some day we feel fantastic and someday we feel bad. Depression is the main emotional disorder. It’s hard to talk about depression in an uplifting way.

Despite the advancement in technology, we still do not have any instruments by which we can measure the internal feeling of a person, we just rely on signs and symptoms and self-reported emotions.

Depression is a real mental illness and to treat it trained mental health professionals are required. Its treatment includes psychotherapy and medication.



A person who is suffering from it isolates himself/herself. He is indifferent state and understanding the current suffering of a depressed person is quite difficult. A depressed person shared his feeling and state of mind with a psychologist and said… 

I do not like to want to get out of bed every morning, not wanting to go?

I feel like to feel completely alone?

I am completely repulsed by things that you used to love?

To feel completely lost in the dark, and not really knowing if there’s a way out?

To know there’s no one to save you from the way you feel.

Nobody cares for me and I am no longer required? 

I feel like I am completely worthless.

I feel like I have control over nothing.

I feel I am trapped inside a world of ugly things but am scared of what’s on the other side.

To not have the strength to feel like you can make it through the whole day?

I know the only thing hurting me is myself.

I have suicidal thoughts every day.

I have no energy or drive to do anything and am in a depressed mood the whole day.

We all occasionally feel sad and we all have points where we feel some of these things. There are feelings of worthlessness, powerlessness, and helplessness. 

There’s this desire to withdraw from other people because they don’t seem to understand. Sleeplessness, loss of appetite, and sexual desire are common symptoms, and nothing matters, essentially, not even sex. 


Who is at higher risk of depression?

Females suffer more than males. It is more prone in the post-pubescent (age 10-14 for girls and 12-16 for boys). Now, this is a period of course when, when one’s social world becomes very, very important friends, social connections. 

And if a child is having trouble finding a way to fit into the social world around them they can often feel this sense of depression and worthlessness and nobody likes me.


People don’t feel good about just getting support from other people, not being able to earn their own way in life, and it actually really does impact depression levels significantly. When people are poor, they tend to be very unhappy. 

Once they get to be okay financially, then the richer they become, it doesn’t mean the happier they become. The correlation between money and happiness disappears once people have enough to survive. But when they’re below the poverty level, there certainly is this relationship, with depression.


To overcome it we need knowledge about the state. It is a type of cognitive disorder by knowing and controlling our thoughts we kill depression. We should first know the causes of depression and then after analyze and try to control our thoughts and emotions. 


One is called cognitive causes, the thoughts people are having, and the thoughts about themselves. The negativity that’s in them and the fact that can reduce what is called self-fulfilling prophecies. Self-fulfilling prophecies are expectations that a person holds about future events. It is the attitude that will make predictions come true. 

A person who is suffering from depression can learn to control his emotional state through thoughts and through actions.

The research was conducted to find out the correlation between facial muscles and emotional state: anger, surprise, happiness, and feeling But one of the things the researcher noticed was that when he literally put on a certain face, let’s say happiness. 

He actually started to feel happier. And if he was putting on anger, he actually started to feel angry. So the claim is the way you think and the actions you do will actually control your emotional states as well. 

These are the things depressive people tend to do, they take the small negatives in life and they see them as catastrophic and the good ones seem to ignore. So they’re only focusing on the negatives. They also blame any negative that happens on their inadequacies.

The depressive person committed attribution error taking personal responsibility for everything that goes wrong, and assuming the environment was responsible for anything that might go right. So they internalized the bad stuff and externalize the good stuff. And that leaves them feeling helpless, hopeless.

There are also biological causes. 

There are genetic factors and mood disorders that run in families, for example. In twin studies, that if we have a pair of identical twins who have the same genetic Code, versus a pair of fraternal twins who were stillborn at the same time, but they’re different sperm and egg combinations, they have a different genetic code. 

With genetic twins, if one of them has depression, the other one is quite likely to have depression. Far more likely than is the case for the fraternal. If they’re fraternal, if one has depression, the other one isn’t that much more likely to get it.

Some people may be more prone to depression genetically. Norepinephrine and serotonin, two strong neurotransmitters play role in a depressive states. Generally for people who are depressed, have less of these neurotransmitters and the doctor advised them drugs that somehow can increase the number of neurotransmitters so that they tend to feel better. So there is some link to neurochemistry in a sense.

Depression is also linked with improper sleep patterns. A traveler who travels a lot will eventually disturb his body’s internal clock due to unscheduled sleep time and wake-up time. Good sleep synchronizes the body’s internal clock.

Words from Author: 

Major depressive disorder is a medical condition in which symptoms of depression are classified according to DSM-V (manual for mental illness). General depression is an emotional imbalance within a person. No one except the person himself can cure depression. because it is inside of a person.

Our thoughts play a crucial role in our mood. Thinking in a positive way, exercise, social groups, routine, mingling up, finding passion, engaging self, meditation, and yoga are some methods to beat depression. To know how these affect depression and how I defeat my depression read Depression: Know how did I defeat my depression.

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