Positive Psychology Definition

positive psychology

Positive Psychology can provide us new knowledge and insight about positive emotions, charter strength, good health, healthy relationships, engagement, meaning, and fulfillment.  We human beings always want to experience positive emotions find deeper meaning in life, greater engagement, healthier relationships and future commitments. William James (American philosopher and psychologist) showed interest in optimal human functioning … Read more

Meds for Depression: 7 Natural ways to overcome depression on your own

how to beat depression

After my breakup, I was in extreme depression. I can understand what are you feeling now. I want to share the ways that I used to overcome depression. These Natural Depression remedies are real meds for depression that lower my depression symptoms and bring enjoyment and strength to my personality. What is depression? Depression is … Read more

How Alcohol process in our body-Journey of alcohol in body

alcohol effect

Do you ever think about what happens to our body, after taking alcohol?   Do you notice drunk people’s behavior? Why each person has different reactions after taking alcohol? We had a hangover after alcohol but why? Many drinkers urinate more after alcohol consumption Why it affects more to women? After drinking process 1 After taking … Read more

10 Ways to break Cell Phone Addiction :Simple and Easy

smartphone addiction

Smartphones are needed in the present time but did you know this machine is changing our original human model. Here you will find 10 ways to break cell phone addiction and the effects of smartphone addiction on our personality. Smartphone addiction is like cancer which is changing human DNA slowly. Excess use of phone modify … Read more

Where is the memory stored in the brain: Psychology

memory power

Memory is basically the ability to remember information that has been learned or experienced. The process of memory formation involves the storage of information and then retrieving it when needed. But one question is asked by many where is the memory stored in the brain? The hippocampus is a brain region that is associated with … Read more

Am I really suffered from depression or it is my Overestimation

depression or overestimation

Depression is a common term nowadays.  We observe around us many people complaining that they are depressed for a long time. But one question arises Am I really suffering from depression or it is my overestimation?                                       Why Depression is … Read more